Your Advocate In Family Law

Are you experiencing family matters that require a lawyer? Are you facing divorce or custody issues? Are you looking to adopt a child or establish paternity? In situations like these, you need someone who is on your side and is dedicated to helping you and your family through. This can be a tough time for you and your family. Having an attorney with a level head, expansive legal knowledge and a drive to make things easier will do just that: make things easier.

Here at Whiteley Law Office in Olathe, Kansas, we handle cases involving family law as well as traffic violations.

What We Stand For

We are dedicated to comprehensive, competent and caring legal service. Our firm strives to be more than the typical law firm. We want you to feel comfortable in our office and with our attorney, have trust in what we can do for you and relate to you on a personal level. Especially in family law where circumstances can be stressful, we want to put you at ease by providing excellent legal service with integrity and grace.

Our lawyer, Courtney J. Whiteley Esq., will sit down with you personally. She will give you candid legal advice, answer all of your questions and listen to all of your concerns. Ms. Whiteley has the skill and knowledge to advocate for you in any family. Your children are also vulnerable during this time, and we are just as dedicated to their safety and well-being as we are to representing you. Whether you are going through a divorce, are seeking custody of your children, require assistance with your QDRO or need to establish paternity, Whiteley Law Offices is here to help.