You Need A Lawyer For Child Custody And Paternity Matters

Custody of your children is an important factor that must be discussed in situations of divorce or other circumstances in which the parents are not married. While the best interest of the child is always at the forefront, it is also necessary to ensure those child custody arrangements are equitable between parents.

At Whiteley Law office, we can advocate for you in child custody and paternity matters. While the forms the court offers for these situations are a good place to start, having our lawyer, Courtney J. Whiteley Esq., on your side will give you the best chance to receive what you are looking for. We can also advocate for you in child custody modification or enforcement.

Parental Rights Are Important

We are dedicated to creating the parenting plan that works for you and your child. We will work together to establish what you are looking for and how we can accomplish that. We understand the importance of your relationship with your children. We will advocate for you at every step, give you candid legal advice about what is possible and put you at ease. You can trust that we will do everything possible to help you.

Our firm believes in parental rights, including paternity rights. If you are a father and are seeking custody, Whiteley Law Office is ready to help. Unfortunately, proof of parentage does not automatically grant you paternal rights. You must go before a judge to establish paternity. We will help you through that process and see you through all the way to the parenting plan.

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Whiteley Law Office believes strongly in advocating for you, and also advocating for the best interests of your child. If you are seeking custody or paternity, you need an attorney to assist you. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation by calling 913-951-0135 or sending an email.

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